More praise for Adder



"Bill Jensen's rousing tale of the early years of the church is a good read."

—Thad Box, columnist 



"William Jensen spins a fascinating tale. . . Intolerance by both the Mormons and the Missourians result in murder, intrigue, heartbreak, and even suicide. "



—Bruce Smith, publisher, Herald Journal, Logan, Utah




"William R. Jensen’s Adder in the Path is an accessible, often inviting introduction to the 1838 Mormon War, a bitter chapter in Missouri history. Wrapping much of the dry historical record in fiction, Jensen tells the story of two families—one newly arrived Mormon, one original "gentile" settlers—caught up in the violence.

What makes it all work is good story-telling and the author’s use of the key figures of the time, including the Mormon prophet, Joseph Smith. Through colorful dialogue, imagery and faithfulness to surviving historical fact, Jensen makes it easy for readers to imagine a tragic time that documents alone can never recreate."



—David Knopf, Richmond News, Richmond, Missouri